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Illegal Immigration hurts us all

Illegal Immigration is a crime

Powerful interests, e.g., politicians and special interests (like La Raza) craving political power, businesses wanting cheaper labor, and unions wanting more members, benefit from illegal immigration.

But your benefit, if any, is probably small.

Illegal immigrants hurt Americans in many ways.  They commit crimes, hurt people in traffic accidents, transport/sell drugs, bring diseases, get welfare and tax benefits intended to help poor Americans, degrade American children’s educations, burden our emergency rooms, take jobs from and lower wages of American workers (especially low-skilled Americans), and increase Americans’ tax burden by $130 billion above what they pay in taxes.

You can be sure that if the benefits of illegal immigration outweighed the costs to most Americans, government reports would clearly indicate the supporting data and be widely published.

I searched in vain for a single source with which to respond to the NH Senate Judiciary Committee’s question about crimes committed by illegal aliens.   Multiple sources are needed to answer the question, including the FBI, GAO (2018 Criminal Alien Report), Insurance Information Institute, Departments of Transportation and Justice, RAINN, and others.

Illegal aliens kill at least between 8.8 and 15.7 EVERY DAY in homicides and vehicle accidents combined.  Illegal aliens rape approximately 38.9 to 54.7 women EVERY DAY.

Examples of the personal cost of illegal immigration can be found here.

Homicide and rapes are comparatively infrequent crimes compared to other crimes; hundreds of people are victims of illegal immigrants EVERY DAY.

Special interests hide the truth by selective reporting and combining legal (low) and illegal (high) immigrant crime rates.  But the crime rate isn’t relevant!  There should be NO victims of illegal aliens.

(Note:  I don’t know how to assess the significant illegal alien contribution to the 120 daily illegal drug overdose deaths).

America’s poor and minorities are especially hard hit as low-skilled illegal aliens live in the same communities, sharing the roads, schools, hospitals; taking their jobs and depressing their wages; and committing crimes.  See US Civil Rights Commissioner Kirsanow on this.

Illegal immigration makes income inequality worse by depressing the incomes of poor Americans and adding millions of uneducated, low-skilled destitute people.

Illegal immigration mostly benefits the rich and powerful, mostly hurts the poor, and financially burdens middle income taxpayers who get little or no benefit from illegal immigration but pay increased taxes to support poor illegal immigrants and low-wage workers (which are essentially subsidies to businesses).

Tell your NH State Representatives and Senators to outlaw sanctuary cities.

Tell the President, your Congressman, and our Senators, it’s time to end the scourge of illegal immigration.