ICYMI - "Hold The Line" - Fifth Annual Gun Rally - Granite Grok

ICYMI – “Hold The Line” – Fifth Annual Gun Rally

Once again, our Constitutional Rights are under attack – not just the Second Amendment / Article 2-A that is the focus of the Women’s Defense League of NH’s event tomorrow starting at noon at the Capital building in Concord, NH. It is also our First Amendment Rights, our Fourth Amendment Rights, Due Process – all for one ending by the use of the de facto gun registration that will come with it – Civilian Disarmament and the de facto erasing of the Second.  And then they will march down that slippery slope for all the others for Socialism can brook no dissent.

Doubt me?  Go down Memory Lane and remember how the Democrats legalized homosexual marriage.  At each and every step, it was “well, we only want this and then we’ll stop there”. They got that and then after a very short time later, the agitation for the next step down that slope began. Incrementalism IS their pattern so don’t listen to their words – only their actions. Their words ARE lies.

Come tomorrow – on Monday, get involved and help defend your Rights! GraniteGrok will be there!

From the WDLNH:

New Hampshire citizens are witnessing an unparalleled attack on our natural rights. The time for complacency has passed; it’s time for us to Hold The Line. Join the Women’s Defense League of NH, New Hampshire 3%ers and ProGunNH as we join forces and remember that the first incursion of the American Revolution took place here, in the Live Free or Die State.

Join the Women’s Defense League of NH, ProGunNH and New Hampshire 3%ers as we take our stand in front of the NH State House.

We are expecting a BIG crowd!