HB564 - Firearm restrictions in "safe" school zones. My testimony - Granite Grok

HB564 – Firearm restrictions in “safe” school zones. My testimony

Yesterday the NH House’s Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee held a hearing on HB564 – a bill dealing with firearms in “safe” school zones in which the same Democrat politicians that believe that merely putting up a new law and a sign will actually make schools and children safer.

Yes, attaching the word “safe” is a non-starter for me and many others because like EVERYTHING in life is inherently UNsafe.  There are no guarantees in life – none at all.  Yet adult after adult, teenager after teenager, seem to believe that there are and that it is a “faux right” that life should be safe (WHY are our employees teaching our kids these fantasy ideas that have no place in reality?  Yeah, I know…).

They wrote and spoke about their feelings about “needing to be safe” while in school as if there were domes around our schools that would magically appear with such properties that they would automagically stop all guns from entering school properties.

The Left has fundamentally transformed our schools in teaching our children (and Leftist teachers) that the only thing that matters are their feelings and emotions and that the rest of us ARE responsible for those feelings.

Like all of the other anti-gun bills, there were a lot of folks attending the hearing, both pro and con about the bill and certainly, I wanted to make my voice known.

Please note that my prepared testimony (Part 1 is here) was dismissed by Chair Cushing (D) as being “off topic” even though NH Rep John Burt (R) admonished him that he had let others go “off topic” without comment. So near the end of a long day (and after the Republicans in the committee fought the “only an hour” time slot and the too small of a room),  I “did an audible” and went ad hoc (or as The Most Esteemed Wife put it after having both read my testimony and then listened to what was actually give, “off road” with a sly smile on her face) on the tune of “if the Left can use these types of arguments, well, so can I”.

I am wondering if Chairman Cushing would have rather had me give the original? That said, I do note (as did others in “gallery”) that he did not stop me at the 3 minute mark as he had with so many others – for that I say “thank you”.

I’ll continue to put up my prepared testimony over the next little while and then you can make your own decision which was the better way to go.

UPDATE: Yes, I swapped out the “featured” image from the State House to one that Kimberly took of me as I was “on deck” waiting to testify.  See, Zandra Rice-Hawkins – if you appear in public for a public reason, you get your picture taken.  Again, your sad attempt of Alinsky’ing Susan and Kimberly is SOO lame as you accused them of wanting to go after your high school intern simply because you decided to make her political bait.  Getting what your picture taken is part of being an adult – how about teaching her that?