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Diversity Clash Update – Muslims Defeat Gays in Round One

Fatimah Shah

In late January we reported the distress of a Muslim mom named Fatimah Shah. She was upset that her children were being taught LGBTQ dogma in a British primary school. Parents of the majority Muslim population eventually pulled as many as 600 children from a school that was “brainwashing their kids” and “aggressively promoting homosexuality.”

Back in January, I closed with this.

So, how do the diversity ministers and their enforcers address the problem? They’ve bent over backward for both groups knowing (you’d suspect) that a collision was inevitable.

And here it is.

So, who loses and what happens when they do?

The school has agreed to halt the program directed at children as young as four years old for now, but the British Government is on the cusp on implementing compulsory education about relationships. LGBTQ Indoctrination included. How will that go over? We’ll call it round two and take our first clue from Chief Inspector of Ofsted Amanda Spielman. She,

is in charge of the region of Birmingham, has attacked the parents for pushing back, stating bluntly that “The essence of democracy is we don’t always get our way” and that it is “vital” that children be taught about LGBT families.

LifeSite news also notes that,

Not mentioned, of course, was the fact that the children would specifically be confused by the fact that the school would be trying to teach the children something very different about LGBT issues than the parents would—and that essentially, this would boil down to a competition between the educators and the parents over the moral values of the children.

We already know that the progressive state believes it has more right to your children, their hearts, and their minds than parents. But the problem that presents itself in this example is what these families will do when we find ourselves in Muslims vs. Gays round two?

We know it is coming. The state seems intent on teaching this no matter what. Does that mean Gays trump Muslims in the culture and diversity war?

Feel free to speculate but we’ll have to wait and see.

| LifeSite News