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“Diversity” Culture Clash – Muslims Vs. Gays…

Fatimah Shah

England has broken new ground in the culture war. A Muslim woman has removed her child from a school with predominantly Muslim children. Why? They are teaching something called CHIPS. “Challenging homophobia in primary schools – and it’s totally against Islamic beliefs.”

Andrew Moffat MBE, assistant headteacher at Parkfield Community School in Saltley, has been criticised by parents for piloting No Outsiders – a programme run alongside sex and relationship education (SRE) lessons.

Its ethos promotes LGBT equality and challenges homophobia in primary schools.

This is a program that challenges homophobia and questions biological gender roles. So, no it’s not in the Koran, and it doesn’t follow Sharia’, and to these Muslim mom’s that’s a problem.

“My child came home and told me am I OK to be a boy? It’s confusing children about sexuality.

“I want my child to learn about English, maths and science.

Western public education used to teach English, Math, and Science. Now they teach feelings. Rigorously. And if you don’t agree with that, you can expect a visit from the authorities. But how does that work?

If Fatima Shah were a Susan or an Irene, someone of Judeo-Christain persuasion, problem solved. They’re an intolerant bigot. Shame them, silence them, perhaps even doxx them. But Fatima is herself a member of a protected group, especially in England. And the School’s student population is, according to the mom, 98% Muslim. 

Fatima is a woman who says she respects the Equality acts but believes they “can be implemented without the promotion of homosexuality.”

What they Say and What they Mean

Maybe you missed the small print Mrs. Shah, or more likely there wasn’t any, but the point of “equality” acts, diversity commissions and the entire movement is to destructuralize traditional family values. The Left could care less about gays, or if we’re honest, Muslims, or their families. They are just using you to create fishers into which they can insert government power.

Once they have it, you’ll be no more special to them than white Christian men. Defend President Trump if you’d like to give that a test drive.

But I don’t think England is there yet. So, how do the diversity ministers and their enforcers address the problem? They’ve bent over backward for both groups knowing (you’d suspect) that a collision was inevitable.

And here it is.

So, who loses and what happens when they do?

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Image Credit: BirminghamMail