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Want to Play ‘House?’

Matt House

Another creep leaves Sen. Democrat Chucky Schumer’s inside circle. This time, Matt House, a communications staffer. Who happens to have New Hampshire Connections. So, what do you suppose Matt House is accused of doing?

If you guessed pressing himself on young staffers that isn’t fair. Most aids of top Democrats who suddenly leave their coveted positions were caught pulling a Clinton-style lip lock on an underling.

House was pushed out for allegedly having inappropriate sexual encounters with junior staffers, ending what was a nearly six-year tenure as communications director for the New York Democrat.

The sex and ages of the underlings have yet to be made public. Can Schumer keep it quiet?

Remember Paul Hodes?

Matt House worked for failed candidate Paul Hodes! Shocking. Check out that LinkedIn page photo!

NH work history:

Press Secretary
Hodes for Senate
April 2010 – November 2010 8 months

Press Secretary
Hon. Paul W. Hodes
November 2009 – March 2010 5 months

Staff Assistant
Hon. Paul W. Hodes
July 2008 – November 2009 1 year 5 months

Matt House even worked for the “Groper.”

Deputy Press Secretary for NH
Biden for President
December 2007 – January 2008  2 months

When Matt House was here in NH helping Democrats run for office, where do you suppose was one of the several places he lived? 1200 Elm St UNIT #602 Manchester, NH 03101

How about that, the former Democrat voter fraud palace in Manchester: I have a file on that place and will check it out.

Matt’s Not In The House

It looks like House got the ax back around November 11, 2018, but the news is just seeping out.

Two other close confidants of Democrat Senator Schumer got their hair caught in a wringer back in 2006. Two women who did research for Democrat Schumer and the DSCC were caught hacking into hapless Democrat wanna-be Michael Steele’s credit card accounts. No wonder he has flipped sides and criticizes Republicans for a living on left wing fake news channels.

You won’t find this story on the internet any longer except for Wikipedia.

Schumer sure has a knack of hiring people he knows will “get the job done” no matter what.

I have some feelers out for more info on this Matt House guy and his NH connections. Pursuing underlings for sex probably didn’t just start in DC.