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UNH Economics and the Democrat Socialists of America

Southern NH Democrat Socialists of America

Our good friend Beth Scaer stumbled on an invitation to a local event. The Southern New Hampshire Democrat Socialists of America have a general meeting coming up next Sunday. Beth expressed some interest. Maybe curiosity is a better word. And she was rewarded.

Sam WilliamsHey Beth, this is Sam with Southern New Hampshire DSA. We see that you have expressed interest in the organization. We would like to remind you that the February general meeting will be at the Manchester Unitarian Universalist Church this Sunday at 3:30 PM.

The Southern NH DSA’s mission:

To work democratically and cooperatively in New Hampshire to advocate for the liberation of all people through the transformation of capitalism into socialism and the abolition of racism, sexism, and ableism.

Sam Williams is a software developer at Liberty Mutual who studied economics at UNH.

Economics. UNH. Democrat Socialist of America.

What sort of economics is UNH teaching?

The DSA is committed to using direct democracy (mob rule) to create the promise of the socialist utopia. Which, history tells us, delivers none of the things it promises and all of the things it claims to oppose. And without any hope of escape short of an armed revolution.

Economics at UNH? Seriously?