The Media mask is openly dropping – it’s only on whose ox is being gored

With Kavanaugh The Washington Post ran with the uncorroborated crap. And now they are trying to take “the high road?” Trying to appear to be “objective” (with Dem. Justin Fairfax). They had no such “objectivity” for Kavanaugh who was perceived by the Left to be an existential threat to their control of the Judiciary (better known in their circles, their “extra-legislature”). They know that Trump is finally turning the Judiciary to originalists from “living Constitutionalists.”

One more.  Just one more but make no mistake in that the next SCOTUS hearing will make the Kavanaugh one look like a pre-school classroom as the Left will then have to contend that SCOTUS will actually be taking the original meaning, the actual words of the Constitution, into large account.  That cannot be tolerated.

(H/T: Powerline)