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Sometimes the Cover-up Is Worse Than The “Racism”

Jussie Smollett Screen Shot ABC

Part: I’ve Lost Count, of the Jussie Smollett case/fiasco/race hoax, nightmare.

This “attack” had all the juicy trappings of a racist event that the media could not leave it alone. It had a “lynching rope,” homophobic slurs, and Trump supporters A two on one beating, a scratch on a pretty face, broken ribs, and bleach (to whiten the black guy, get it?). MAGA hats, the black man fighting back, tears, and a damn tasty Subway sandwich. How could you even embellish that story?

Now that the blivit has hit the fan it seems Mr. Smollett has fired defense counsel and brought on a new team to handle his “unfolding tribulations,” as you might describe them.

Details, as usual, found on one of only a handful of media sites.

“Jussie Smollett Shuffles Criminal Defense Lawyers, Hires Crisis Management Firm as Hate Hoax Unravels.”

Is “unravel” the proper term for what has been happening to the “I was attacked by white Trump supporters” story?

Not by a long shot. This story broke just a few days ago. It feels like a lifetime in a 24/7 news cycle. But damn, it is fun to be a redneck this week, ain’t it?

Let’s go to a revealing paragraph in the story:

“Fox 32 reporter Rafer Weigel said on Sunday that Michael Monico is no longer representing Jussie Smollett because there was reportedly a disagreement about the decision to release Saturday night’s statement. Mr. Smollett will now be represented by Chicago attorneys Victor Henderson and Todd Pugh.”

There’s nothing like hour by hour crisis management by a guy who was crying on TV just days ago.

Fox 32 reporter Rafer Weigle (sounds more like a German pastry) reports that between Saturday night and Sunday, Smollett has switched legal teams. And I can’t get a hold a plumber that fast. But Jussie finds on a three-day weekend. Cha-Ching!

Maybe we should have an award for the most boot-licking Smollett supporter? There are plenty still hanging on. Race baiting is a hard monkey to get off your back. It is so financially rewarding and “virtue-signaling” these days. That football guy, Kaepernick has the knack down pat.

I’m thinking about how rednecks can capitalize and monetize being the victims of racism hoaxes, which are almost a weekly occurrence since Obama brought racial harmony to a divided America with his two coronations.

How about minority Hollywood fat cat liberals find another group to demonize?

Would they settle for hounding leftist dictators who lock up or murder political opponents?

On second thought, what would they do with all the Che shirts in their wardrobes?

I suggest Jussie find a way to tell the truth about his scheme, then duck and cover. He had his fun and 15 minutes of fame. Pay up with some shame for a change.

On most construction sites I know of, knee pads are called “Monicas.” If this Jussie guy doesn’t shut this racist charade down soon and admit what he and his manager and black lynching pals were up to, racists hoaxes will forever be called “Smolletts.”