Researchers Discover What You Already Know – Voter ID Laws Do Not Suppress Turnout.


Democrats go into a rage over requiring ID to vote. You know that thing you need to collect Welfare, Food Stamps, unemployment, get a pet license, and a million other common everyday transactions in 21st century America. Open an account, cash a check, steal someone’s identity. You need an ID.

Maybe that’s why new research proves (again!) that voter ID laws do not suppress voter turnout.

The data from Catalist contained both demographic information—age, sex, race, and party affiliation—as well as information on whether or not a surveyed person was actually registered. This means that the paper’s authors could test whether or not voter ID not only stopped registered voters from voting, but discouraged unregistered voters from registering.

“Strict ID laws have no significant negative effect on registration or turnout, overall or for any subgroup defined by age, gender, race, or party affiliation,” the paper’s authors found.


Democrats don’t know what they are talking about, Again!