Poll Results: Should School Districts Be Allowed to Establish Gun Free Zones?

Majory Stoneman Douglas High School gun free zone

The State legislature is considering a bill to allow each school district to decide whether or not they’d like to ban the possession of firearms on campus. The right to establish Gun Free Zones. We’ve got tons of coverage on (HB564): Skip recorded all the testimony. You can find it on site (Groksters, others against, and those in favor).

Our position is no for several reasons not the least of which is it puts kids lives at risk. Only law abiding citizens follow laws. Criminals intent on hard will gravitate toward target-rich environments with the least likely resistance. Buildings full of children, for example, where locals are advertising a ban on firearms.

But New Hampshire likes to talk about local control. This would be that. So, we asked.

“Should the NH legislature pass a bill to allow Local school districts in New Hampshire to establish gun-free zones on their town’s public school campuses?”

97% of you said no.

Here are a few comments from the Facebook poll.

Aside from constitutional rights gun free zones won’t deter crime. Drug free zones don’t deter kids from buying and selling at schools. How would this be different?


And when a community’s gun owners are allowed to determine the rules? What then? Do not let them play this game. Stick to the Constitution. The only thing more dangerous than freedom is a false sense of security.


Gun free zone, only an idiot would think that makes anyone safer. The reality is that guns exist in this world, and leftist need to stop ensuring that only bad guys and criminals are the ones that have them.


NO. This would do nothing but create chaos for law-abiding citizens who would be law-abiding citizens in one district and then criminals in another. The state creates the gun control laws that are equally applied across every city and town. Democrats should be careful what they wish for… when they lose control again (and they will)…. the tables could turn on them in ways they never want to see.

I did not see any comments from the 4% who favored the bill.