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Not Buying The Jussie Smollett Subway Attack


I want to stick my neck out a bit on the unfolding Jussie Smollett “MAGA beating.”

It looks like the Chicago PD might be interested in getting the whole story. They may demand access to his cell phone. That cell phone is key to finding out what really happened for Smollett to get such a small scratch on his right cheek.

Jussie Smollett said he was assaulted and suffered a cracked rib but condo surveillance video shows Smollett walking past security to the elevator without telling them he had just been attacked by thugs who “beat the hell out of him” and “broke his ribs.”

Most of his story falls short of believability – way short. But saying you are on the phone, holding a sandwich, in nine degrees below weather most people run through all bundled up to the next warm place while fighting two men, is not going to cut the mustard in his Subway sandwich.

Doesn’t Add Up

Smollett is a black, liberal, homosexual, actor, singer, public personality in Chicago. That list carries a bit of luggage. Considering he is near home and knows his way around, why couldn’t he get something to eat and walk to his apartment without getting a scratch on his face?

And why would he apparently make up a sensational, unbelievable, ever-evolving story leaving out the best evidence he has – the supposed phone call.

He blames Trump via the MAGA threat – white people in general.

He adds bleach, a noose, two against one.

My guess: He got in a scrap with a female.

Just look at similarly situated “superstar” rapper Bow Wow.

Bow wow Girlfriend mug shot

And looking at Bow Wow, he was in a “huge fight” with a girl.

Why else, other than a roughing-up by a girl would Smollett go to such measures to hide what happened to his face?

If you have ever been in a fist fight with two grown men, then you would know you wouldn’t walk away with a little scratch on your cheek and an edible sandwich in your hand.