NH GOP Convention – Intro Ceremonies

NHGOP Republican Elephant

These videos include the actual into ceremonies (e.g., Invocation, Pledge of Allegiance,

Sidenote: do the Democrats actually honor those two things any more?  After all, they’re the Party that booed God at their Convention and it seems that Democrat infested institutions are rejecting saying the Pledge to do the “higher” calling of the Social Justice value of “Inclusivity”, right?  But I digress…but I’ll return to the “inclusivity bit because it reared its head during this Convention as well.  I would think that when Democrat talking points become a major issue in the GOP Convention….well, you catch my drift…

and NH GOP Officers Reports).  All standard stuff and all required stuff as the Party is supposed to do all this stuff, so they talk and I recorded it.  And it allowed me the bit of snark above.

Intro Ceremonies (Invocation by JP Marzullo, Pledge, National Anthem)

Fred Ward, speaker:

NH GOP Officer Reports: