NH GOP Convention – GrokInterviews: NH State Rep Mike Sylvia

Mike Sylvia NHGOP Convention

In roaming the Pinkerton Academy auditorium, I bumped into NH State Rep Mike Sylvia from Belmont. He also agreed to a quick interview with the same short question: “what do you expect to see as the end results?”

We also ended up finding a bunch of empty NH GOP voting ballots that were…just sitting there, out in the open. Of COURSE, we just looked at each other and began to smile. Current Vice-Chair Alan Glassman, upon hearing about our discover, just started to look at us. Thankfully forestalling any ballot box buffoonery began, we knew that (unlike Democrats) the Republicans were looking for ID (NH GOP credentials ) before being allowed to vote.

And this is the last of the quick GrokInterviews from that event: