Green New Deal Protester: I want Universal Basic Income Like They Have In Alaska

Green New Deal Protesters

with Beth Scaer:

Yesterday I reported on how Jeanne Shaheen was taking a little “heat” from her environmental left. The Senator had not fired up the press-release mill to gush over the Green New Deal. This lack of public embrace disenfranchised climate cultists who, along with some national partners, targeted Democrats to pressure them into climbing aboard.

Beth Scaer hopped into her fossil fuel vehicle and carbon-footprinted her way into Nashua to check it out the Green New Deal protest against the senior Senator. Not much to see but Beth also talked to at least one of the attendees.

I interviewed a protestor and asked her what she thought about AOC promising payments to people who aren’t willing to work, and she responded that she supports the Universal Basic Income “like they do in Alaska.” And she said that she didn’t care about the wording, just the sentiment.

When I said, you mean payments from their oil income, she agreed.

So we are clear, a supporter of no fossil fuels in the near future believes that everyone deserves a government guaranteed income even if it has to come from big oil.

But if you kill the goose that lays the…nevermind. Marxists.

Report and Image Credit: Beth Scaer