Yeah, almost the perfect answer – but it lacks needed snark to punch the nose


A four-fer by Progressives and their allies in the Media (but I repeat myself).  How effective as they see that their hold on Court may be broken after decades of capture – especially if Trump gets one more chance at replacing another Judge  Progressives are in a panic over this – the war has started:

  • Attack a true conservative warrior in Gini Thomas (a rather well off white lady) even as they publicly bemoan the “Republican War on Women”; after all, Alinsky her but who cares about their double standard, eh? Showing her as a right-wing hack?  Where have you nitwits been lately?
  • Through her, attack her husband – Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.  It’s guilty by association – if she’s a hack, so is he.  And so, by association, his decisions.
  • And through him, attack the legitimacy of SCOTUS as an “non-partisan” branch of Government.  And therefore, ALL decisions that go against “their ideology”.

And therefore, the Court must be “fixed” – their way using the Court of Popular Opinion. As the Grandson is oft to say about almost everything: “Cute Progressives”

No, the perfect answer is not “Facing scrutiny from whom? Leftists? If so who cares?

It is “Up Yours!”.  The Conservative movement has to stop with mere “Constitution” lip-synching.  No more Marquis of Queensbury mentality.  Politics is war by another means – and the Democrats means to win.  Like this:

(H/T: Twitchy)

ALWAYS remember – they HATE everything you stand for AND they HATE everything you stand for.  A rational discussion isn’t going to change anything for them or you – they only work on emotions – something the Right doesn’t do very well.

So, what is your reponse, GOP?  NH GOP?  Are you going to finally wake up and figure out that you are in the fight for our Republic?   Or just keep on with the “my friends on the other side” – they aren’t and haven’t been for quite some time.  The days of Tip O’Neil’s are long gone – agenda is all that matters.

How much will you defend your agenda? Or will it just be more happy talk?


Here’s The Hill piece. As I said before, she’s been blogging for years on Conservative and Traditional Values.  So NOW it becomes an issue that a white gal is married to a black man?  How racist of The Hill and the Washington Post. Who do they think they are – keeping Jim Crow alive?

(See, GOP, there’s a quick example because the Democrats won’t stop just because you think politeness works – it hasn’t yet, has it?)

Ginni Thomas, the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, has generated controversy with her use of of social media to spread far-right rhetoric.

CNN and The Washington Post published separate reports in recent days highlighting Thomas’s use of social media. She has in recent months shared posts on Facebook alleging Democrats committed voter fraud, claiming survivors of a mass shooting at a Parkland, Fla., high school are a threat to the country, and that Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) was the subject of “false accusations” because he “threatens the elite.”

Thomas previously founded Liberty Central, a nonprofit conservative advocacy group.

The Post reported that Thomas’s spread of baseless claims and conservative commentary has generated criticism from some who worry she is further politicizing the Supreme Court.

Deborah L. Rhode, a law professor and scholar of legal ethics at Stanford University, told the news outlet that “members of the Supreme Court and their families need to think about ways that their public conduct can affect popular trust.”

Thomas’s defenders told the Post that she has a right to share her views, and have said they know her as a strong and patriotic woman.

Thomas did not respond to interview requests for the Post and was not interviewed by CNN.

The Hill has reached out to the Supreme Court for comment.

Clarence Thomas is the lone African-American judge on the Supreme Court. In a conversation with his wife earlier this year that was recorded for The Daily Caller, the justice said he strives to be independent.

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