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The Silence of the Sununu


What NHPR means by “Roll Back Voter Residency Restrictions” is repealing House Bill 1264 and once again allowing out-of-State college students to vote in New Hampshire elections while remaining residents of their home States. In other words, these college students will once again have a special, privileged status under the law, under which they are able to exercise the right of New Hampshire residents to vote in New Hampshire elections but are not subject to any of the responsibilities of New Hampshire residents.

I checked Governor Sununu’s twitter. Nothing about vetoing this legislation. I checked his press releases. Nothing there either.

With the Democrats in the majority in both the House and the Senate, there is no question that some form of a repeal of HB 1264 will reach Sununu’s desk.

If Sununu is committed to maintaining clean elections in New Hampshire, now is the time to let GOP legislators know that he opposes and will veto any repeal of HB 1264. It’s obviously too late once a GOP legislator has supported repeal.

Which raises the obvious question: why the silence from Sununu.