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Teacher Alters Declaration of Independence Makes Students Recite it With Her Changes

Declaration altered by teacher

Some Woke smarty-pants Arizona Elementary School teacher took it upon themselves to alter the Declaration of Independence. They insisted on teaching their students that it read: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all Humans are created equal.

A Mesa mother is voicing concerns after her child’s 4th-grade teacher changed words in the Declaration of Independence, and made the students recite the altered version in class.

The teacher “transformed” the document by replacing the word “man” with “human” and forced the class to recite the literal fake version as if any leftist could just unilaterally change historical documents to fit their belief system.

The school claims the mother’s posts to social media about the changes “hurt the teacher’s feelings.” The solution to which was to remove the student of the offended mother from the class?

Administrators initially responded to the parents’ complaint by relocating the child to another class, however, “On Wednesday, Vaillencourt said the superintendent’s office contacted her to tell her what the teacher did was against school policy.”

A statement from a Mesa Public Schools spokesperson said the teacher was “provided feedback and guidance,” and that the document was restored “to its original format.”

Mr. Jefferson will no doubt be relieved. And appreciative of Elizabeth Vaillencourt’s defense.

I was disturbed by the fact that somebody is changing historical documents and nobody has the right to change our historical documents,” Vaillencourt told ABC affiliate KGUN9.com. “You teach what’s written. You don’t get to rewrite it and teach it how you feel you believe.”

As for the leftist teacher I have news for her. She’s not as #Woke as she thought. In her ill-fated effort to make the Declaration of Independence gender-neutral, she forgot something. Human has the word ‘man’ in it.


Image Credit | RedStateNation