Say What? Getting Something Done in D.C? - Granite Grok

Say What? Getting Something Done in D.C?

Wouldn’t it be nice…

Wouldn’t it be great to see the spirit of teamwork materialize in our nation’s capital? Aren’t we all Americans? Don’t we share that? Doesn’t the country have a set of common interests? You know, like finding work for people. Or making sure everyone gets fed? Maybe everyone should have a place to sleep? How about making sure our education system produces a useful output? Maybe having the interest payments on our national debt rise at $100 billion per year is concerning? Perhaps we could agree that making things better for the next generation has merit?

Are you part of the problem or part of the solution?

The current government shutdown is just the most recent, though perhaps the most egregious example of how the District of Columbia politicians are not interested in what matters. They are interested in reelection, party, and fundraising but not you and to me. They just can’t seem to get things done with their three day work week. The political climate is not the problem. That has always been there. Admittedly it has become bitter, divisive and polarized but those are the symptoms not the cause.

What if we could transcend this negative climate? Couldn’t we achieve more if we were working together as a team? The potential is there to achieve. Do all of our teammates have to be lovable all of the time? We we have to stop putting party before nation, group before individual. We should focus on the issues Americans care about. It’s time to get off the schnide and move this nation forward. We should use a can-do approach to solve our problems. But we must stop pointing fingers and talking at each other. Let’s stop winning debate points, stop talking in sound bites and start accomplish something.

It’s what unites us not what divides us that matters.

Americans are thoroughly tired of focusing on what divides us. The bickering needs to be dialed back. It is time to build consensus. Why can’t we focus on addressing the issues that matter? When did we start opposing the person not the issue? If border security is the issue… deal with it and move on. Next… there are enough opportunities to improve out there to keep us busy. Honest, that is true.