NH House Democrat: “I realize it’s very hard to take money away once you give it to them.”


There’s a Frontpage article in the Manchester Union Leader today about Keno. The focus is House Bill 390 (HB390). This legislation would lower commissions on Keno Machines from 8% to 5%. The result is fewer dollars and incentives to have them in your establishment. The Bill’s sponsor says it’s for education, but that’s not all he says.

The sponsor is Michael Cahill, is a Newmarket Democrat. He, like most Democrats, is looking for more money. The parties tag line should be “You can never spend enough (of other people’s money).” This time around it’s for public reeducation. Poor achievement is a harsh mistress. She demands constant tithing and attention.

Feed me, taxpayer, feed me.

HB390, as noted, would trim the incentive on Keno Machines from 8% to 5%. And you should be happy to get 5%. Because as Cahill points out, “We just have to do better for education.”

Better means spend more. And to spend more, you have to take more. This brings us to the Michael Cahill (cough-cough) money quote. “I realize it’s very hard to take money away once you give it to them.”

So much meaning in so few words. Reminds me of “you didn’t build that.”

What the State Giveth the State taketh away.

Cahill means the Keno percentage, but at its core, this says everything you need to know about Democrats and how they would prefer to rule. Not only is it not yours, but you should also be happy they let you keep what you have.

Lewis Carroll’s Queen of Hearts would agree, knave.

One more note. Democrat State Senate President Donna Soucy appears to oppose it. Soucy said Monday that four of the top seven highest-grossing keno retailers are in her Senate district. 

We already knew Soucy’s district had a gambling problem.

Electing Democrats to protect your ‘fair share’ is like Russian Roulette. Sooner or late, if you keep pulling that trigger…