Masculinity Isn’t Toxic, Cultural Marxism Is - Granite Grok

Masculinity Isn’t Toxic, Cultural Marxism Is

By Kevin Sculley (former NH State Representative)

There are men who exhibit toxic behavior, but the gender is not toxic, and there is a huge difference.

What we are seeing in today’s society is the ascendency of toxic Cultural Marxism. I consider it the Grand Unifying Theory of what is tearing our culture apart today.  This world-view is based on the belief of victimology. It creates victim groups based not simply on economics, as classical Marxism did, it also includes a potentially infinite number of victim groups based on race, gender, imagined gender, sexual behavior, etc.  Of course, you can’t have a victim without an oppressor, and it seems that every Cultural Marxist’s current favorite “oppressor” is the white man (careful “men of color”, the smear is now being widened to include you too).

Most good men, and most are, do not go through life looking for recognition and praise for simply doing what God made us to do. But I also believe that most men are not OK with being demonized for being what God made us to be.  Men at their best are protectors and providers who sacrifice of themselves for the good of their families and their society.  They take the most risks, suffer the most injuries and death in the workplace and in war, do the dirtiest and most dangerous jobs to keep it all running.  Bad men should be punished, but manhood should be celebrated (and it is in a healthy human society).  The Cultural Marxists seek to take virtue and make it a vice.  Never confuse men successfully striving for competence and excellence with Patriarchy.

Please understand that if this toxic Cultural-Marxist world-view gains ascendency, it will forever pit everyone in society against each other.  Once their current designated “Oppressors” (men) are deposed, the next oppressor group will be identified and this toxic process will continue, until what was once the most successful society in human history is destroyed, and it is replaced by a hell on Earth of never-ending battle between “victim” groups.  A society that was once based on noble ideals will be reduced to never-ending tribal grievance warfare.

There is no need for war between men and women.  There was a time when we understood and celebrated “La Difference”. We are complimentary, and each needs the other.  We must never-endingly work together to overcome premature death, disease, famine, and disaster, aka ‘’the Human Condition”.  Let’s reject the divisiveness and victimology of Cultural Marxism and rededicate ourselves to working together to make a great society even better. We desperately need to do this for the good of us all.