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Liz Warren Comes to NH – Says Ditch Columbus Day

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Elizabeth Warren dropped in on New Hampshire to take the temperature. She needs to know if she has a reasonable chance of doing well in the first official primary. To do well, she needs to ingratiate herself to the left’s virtue signaling horde — no stretch for the Harvard professor and liberal Senator. So when the Concord Monitor asked her position over a “pressing national concern” (changing the name of Columbus Day), she was happy to respond.

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“My feeling is why would we not want to honor indigenous people?”

Because we don’t have any?

Get used to this. We could have dozens of potential Democrat candidates for President posed with similarly biting issues of the day. Columbus Day, that is.

Jazz Shaw at Hot Air shares my feelings about the effort. It’s SJW, white Hate, anti-colonialism, BS.

The whole movement to dump Columbus as some sort of colonialist slavemaster in favor of indigenous Americans is a popular, if largely symbolic talking point on the left, so it’s not shocking that Warren would run that up the flagpole as she launches her presidential bid.

I visited the topic at length here if you are interested.

Columbus Day represents the early days of European Discovery. The next change of the North American guard. That which led to an exceptional American experiment. Converting it into some trans holiday sprinkled with delusions about the soft and quiet nature of those who conquered it before us is another form of conquest.

Some Stones Better Left Unturned

Jazz does add that, given Warren’s unique relationship to the virtue being signaled, digging up the old “I’m not really anymore Indian than you” burial ground might not be such a good idea.

When Warren first rolled out her top-secret DNA test results, the effort totally flopped. Even Chris Cillizza, writing at CNN, was forced to admit that her test result gambit had probably made things worse rather than better. Rather than taking the issue off the table as she’d hoped, she became the centerpiece of seemingly endless memes speculating what else about her might fall into the 1/1024 category.

Warren is probably even less indigenous than the rest of us. So, why would the Concord Monitor bring it up? The obvious excuse is we have a bill. But we have one every year. Is it that pressing a priority to New Hampshire Democrats that every Presidential candidate who casts their shadow on our doorstep needs to respond?

I guess it is. Or, we will, at the very least, find out.

It does tell us one thing. Wheter these candidates are onboard with another effort to whitewash (racist!) our history in the quest to make America what it was under Obama. Nothing special.

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