"It’s OK for husbands, fathers and brothers to beat disobedient women" - Granite Grok

“It’s OK for husbands, fathers and brothers to beat disobedient women”

Beating women ok

Imagine if a ranking member of the Israeli government said something like, “It’s OK for husbands, fathers, and brothers to beat disobedient women.” How about if Trump said it? What if a ranking member of the Palestinian government said it?

While [a] campaign was running and teaching that it is never acceptable to hit women, Abbas’ advisor Mahmoud Al-Habbash explained on official PA TV that there are situations in which men are allowed to beat women. In fact, it is even good for the women:

“As long as Allah permitted a certain type of beating, it is for the good. It is good for society and good for the woman and the man.”

When is it permitted? Not very often explained Al-Habbash; only when women are “disobedient.”

Disobedient seems a little open-ended but Mahmoud Al-Habbash is a Supreme Shari’ah Judge so when he says women should be thankful for the beating, he means it.

Al-Habbash indicated that the beating of wives should not be seen negatively since when the woman is beaten it is “good for the woman,” because she will learn and mend her ways. The man, however, cannot be beaten by his wife because it is ineffective. He “will repeat [the behavior] over and over because the man, let’s put it this way, his sensitivity is tougher.”

I wonder how Linda Sarsour of the Women’s March feels about that? She supports Shai’ah.

And should Jeff Woodburn consider moving to the Middle East? There, at least, he wouldn’t have to pretend it was self-defense. He could just say she asked for it.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled Democrat-Party defense of Palestinians.

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Note: The image above is not of Mahmoud Al-Habbash.
Note 2: Beatings are something of a universal cure under Shari’ah Law.