Do you know WHERE the Democrats agreed to build a Wall?

Democrats helped to fund a 500M Wall - in Jordan

Yep.  So one of two things is true: either the Democrats

  • have no problem in blowing $500 million of your hard earned money on something that doesn’t work
  • Or the Democrats DO believe that Walls work.

So which is it?  I think they’re two faced about funding and building OUR Wall. Very much so.

Me?  I think they do know that walls work.  Work very well, indeed and in fact.  But they refuse to build The Wall.

So what does this show?

They seemingly care more about Jordanians than they do about Americans?  Do they care about Jordanian babies and children, the poor and the elderly, more than they do Americans?


Yes.  Let’s go ask our own NH Democrat Delegation…

(H/T: Susan F.)