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Break Free of the Meme War

By Sara Chamberlain

We live in a time where people are afraid to call out degeneracy for what it is. Too afraid of not being edgy enough, not being tolerant enough, modern enough, “progressive” enough. Most of these people live safely tucked away from reality, speaking in memes or other excerpts from tribal think, applauding degeneracy.

Young, scantily-clad children in high heels and lipstick, strutting and dancing for the entertainment of adults?

“It’s fine. It’s great. It’s artistic self-expression!” (As long as those children are boys).

A six-hundred-pound woman in lingerie, eating cake for an online audience? “Body positivity! Fat acceptance! Big and beautiful bravery!” (No matter that she rationalizes away her addiction, depression, and self-hatred with sugar binges before strapping on her CPAP to sleep; praying that the pain she feels in her chest is a symptom of indigestion and not heart failure.)

A grown man playing video games 8 hours per day? “If it’s what makes him happy, good for him!” (Of course… It’s what the “progressive” values above all else: happiness–no matter how self-indulgent or fleeting.)

None of the people rushing to the defense of kiddie drag shows ever rushed to the defense of Jon Benet-style little girl pageantry. Why? Because it’s not hip to defend something that’s more traditional, something reflective of what they like to refer to as *dun-dun dun*… “The Patriarchy”.

There’s nothing cool, progressive, or counter-cultural about defending the rights of little girls who want to shake their behinds in mini-skirts, high heels, and lipstick before an adult audience, or defending their Southern and Midwestern, Christian parents who encourage it.

So: little girls prancing in makeup and heels for adult entertainment=bad; little boys prancing in makeup and heels for adult entertainment=good?

Children must be guided and protected–both girls and boys. If not yours, then just mine.

There’s no call to be cruel or impolite to the 600-pound woman. As a mother of three still fighting a seemingly endless battle back into the jeans of yore, I can appreciate the concept of “fat acceptance” to some degree; i.e., I don’t want to be treated poorly because of my extra flab. And I’d never treat others poorly because of theirs. This is where fat acceptance should begin and end. Anything beyond is a celebration of degeneracy and disease.

The maintenance of physical health must be considered. If not yours, then just mine.

Some habits are worthwhile and good. Some are not worthwhile and bad.

Progressives like to claim that it’s important to do what makes you “happy.” And they will attempt to justify all sorts of bad habits and bad behaviors doing what makes them “happy” even as their hours for productivity are wasted away on frivolity.

People need to stop obsessing over happiness. Decide what is good and pursue it. Let your emotional mappings adapt with time. If you find yourself needing to rationalize the way you spend your day, the way you live your life, you are wrong.

“Do not squander time, for that is the stuff life is made of.” ~Benjamin Franklin

Life must be directed toward the fulfillment of that which truly matters. If not yours, then just mine.

This is why segmentation of society is so important. No one who dissents from your myths or values ought to get a vote over you, or a subsidy at your expense.

The sociopathic liar will always win the meme war because he does not care about consequences outside of it.