As many as 15 Dead* After Hamas Rocket ‘Factory’ in Gaza Explodes

Hamas home explodes in gaza

An unknown number of Hamas terrorists are dead and several others injured after a workplace accident in Rafa, on the Gaza Strip. The Iran-backed anti-colonialist Arab group was facilitating their latest messaging strategy for Isreal when a man-caused disaster resulted in the liberation of at least three buildings and their occupants.

Local media reported the blast emanated from the home of Mohammed Talal Al-Ajani, the Rafah Brigade commander of the Popular Resistance Committees, a Gaza terror group. The explosion, apparently triggered by explosives, was said to have caused a fire and damage to neighboring buildings.

The suspected rocket “factory” produced an explosion that could be seen for miles.

Hamas quickly put a gag order n the event. *Reports of actual deaths, injuries, and damage are conflicting.  One site suggests as many as 15 Hamas dead and 50 Palestinians injured.