Palate Cleanser: how steady are YOUR hands!?

time piece

Having flown over 500K air miles in my career, I used to rack up all kinds of frequent flier miles – the vast majority on United.  Last 10 years, though, have basically stayed home and flow very little.  I did fly a bit on Delta but not enough to get a freebie so over the years I’ve been trading “miles for mags” (actual ready magazines and not the ones that anti-gunners keep calling “clips”) and one that I do like is the luxury purveying Robb Report.

Even though I haven’t worn a watch for years, I DO like looking at the ads and reading the stories about high-end watches – you know, $100K through multi-million dollar ones.  I have to admit, I prefer those that show the internal gear works over those with just a faceplate (no matter how intricate or jewel-encrusted).

So, I enjoyed watching this and the entire time I was wondering if my hands would be close at all in being steady enough to do all that for a $2.7 million timepiece!