Our Constitution is the articulation of a set of values - Granite Grok

Our Constitution is the articulation of a set of values

America was the freest nation on the earth. She became a fascist nation and is now on its way to becoming a socialist nation. Some argue we have not lost our representative government. It is my fear that we soon will if we do not change. Our government is becoming large enough and powerful enough to overwhelm the people. Its influence in society, specifically its control of elections, has become so large, it is irresistible. The federal government has the means to punish the people who disagree with the policy of the day. Increasingly, it is completely unafraid and more than willing to do so.

Both Democrat and Republican administrations have been guilty of referring political enemies to the IRS. Executive branch agencies are weaponized and increasingly used as such. We have before us a clear and present danger. We have not lost the means to control and reform our government. Rather, we have lost the will to be responsible for the results of our own actions or lack thereof. Before we become motivated to act to correct the direction of the nation we need to understand the way our government is supposed to work. Knowing and liking the way it is supposed to work would ensure we advocate for a return to the founding form of government.

The structure of our Constitution reflects the human soul, when it is correctly followed. Our Constitution’s structure is vital to its operation. The structure and integration of it is what is crucial to the proper working of government. Our Constitution is not a living document it is the articulation of a set of values and principles. Our Constitution has been setup so that we can unite to produce law, proper enforcement of that law and the required protection of individual rights through independent courts.

The very structure of our Constitution means we will tend to do the more deliberate thing. Adoption of the living document approach to its interpretation is tantamount to scrapping the American Constitution. Our Constitution was written with the intention that it would be hard to do things that violate the Constitution or the rights of the people. All of the checks and balances require cooperation among bodies of government, elected at different times; by different constituencies to protect us from rash action and dominance by an active minority. That is the American system.