No Surprise Here – Michael Avenatti is Also a Deadbeat Dad

Michael Avenatti, lawyer for adult film actress Stephanie Clifford, also known as Stormy Daniels, speaks to media outside federal court in Manhattan

Media whore Michael Avenatti rode Trump Derangement System into the spotlight. He convinced a client to pursue a case they couldn’t win and turned it into 147 cable news appearances over five weeks. A big bright light that exposed more skeletons than even I could have imagined.

He has since been investigated for tax evasion and by the California Bar Association. He’s been accused of illegally leaking private bank records to the press. Had a restraining order placed fees collected by his firm to address the 10 million in unpaid taxes. Is the subject of a criminal probe by the DOJ and US Senate for a conspiracy to lie to Congress. Lost the aforementioned case and has to pay Trump’s Legal Fees. Was arrested for domestic assault. And just had some assets seized for liquidation to pay for overdue child and spousal support.

Avenatti is a deadbeat dad.

Orange County Judge Carol Henson on Tuesday ordered some of Avenatti’s assets be liquidated and sold for back child and spousal support. …

Among those assets are a 2017 Ferrari GT Spider, five watches including a Rolex that retails for $12,000, a sculpture by famed architect Frank Gehry and a six-seat business jet worth millions.

One bright spot?

He decided not to run for President in 2020. 

On Monday, Trump’s attorneys asked a judge for nearly $800,000 in attorneys’ fees and penalties from Daniels for her failed defamation lawsuit, which was filed by Avenatti. Daniels has appealed the decision tossing the lawsuit, and Avenatti has said he expects to prevail at a higher court.

Avenatti tweeted that he made the decision not to run for president in 2020 at the urging of his family, and if not for their concerns, he would go for it.

Daniels probably had to appeal. She probably doesn’t have the $800,000.00. Which is sad for her because Avenatti will not prevail in the highest court. If it gets that far, which it won’t. And the court fees will only swell along the way.

But hey, at least her lawyers a real stand up guy.