Global Warming Is a Progressive Religion. Stop Pretending it is Not. - Granite Grok

Global Warming Is a Progressive Religion. Stop Pretending it is Not.

Snow cover November

Global Warming Does Mean More Snow – At Least in November. According to Arctic Sea Ice news, North America had it’s highest November snow extent ever in 2018

North America as a whole had the highest November snow extent in the 1966 to 2018 record (Figure 5). Above average snow cover was particularly notable over central and eastern Canada. Over Eurasia, snow cover was slightly above average for this time of year.

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It’s an Irrefutable Hypothesis

This is all in keeping with the irrefutable hypothesis. So much so that should we fall into a decade’s-long pattern of cold and snow the climate cult will don their updated sandwich boards and hit the streets. The end is near. Your addiction to fossil fuels has brought about the apocalypse. 

A frozen hell. As opposed to the boiling hell we were promised decades previous.

 And through it all. The rolling blackouts. People freezing because green energy is a death sentence in colder regions. There will forever be the promise of global warming. It will warm up eventually. And THAT will be proof of our environmental sins.

Because if we live long enough, the “climate” will change. And the Cult will say we told you so, followed by dire predictions of our doom if we do not repent while tithing (by force if necessary) in support of their promises of absolution.

It is a progressive religion. Stop pretending it is not.