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Clinton Cleaners: A Foundation Makes for a Great Money Launderer

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Whistleblower testimony on the Clinton crime family and their money laundering foundation has blown up the internet this week. There’s too much to process. To keep things simple I picked on that added to my last post on this: Are the Clinton’s Screwed.

The answer is yes. At least on paper.

Mr. Moynihan… stated that 60% of the donations going to the Clinton Foundation were used for “administration fees” which is a stark difference from the industry norm of 10-15% for admin fees.

“The investigation clearly demonstrates that the [Clinton] Foundation was not a charitable organization per se, but in pointed fact was a closely held family partnership,” Mr. Doyle said.

Doyle continued, “As such, it was governed in a fashion in which is sought in large measure to advance the personal interests of its principles as detailed within the financial analysis…and further confirmed within the supporting documentation and evidence.”

Operating Costs

Another issue is Clinton Foundation “operating costs.” They have been estimated at as much as 85 percent. That means 85 cents out of every dollar “donated” goes to operating the foundation. This report and the testimony suggests those costs are closer to sixty.

The average for a similar operation is 10-15 percent. So, the Clinton Foundation, aside from being suspiciously like a money-laundering operation for the Clinton family, also costs 45% more to run than any other similar foundation (on average) on the planet.

Again, not much hope of this going anywhere on the congressional side once we get to 2019 but the DOJ and FBI will have that testimony. Whether it amounts to anything is anyone’s guess. But I’d bet most of us are guessing it will come to nothing but hoping for a different outcome.