Attributes of "you will be assimilated" Social Justice Warriors that can't just leave well alone. - Granite Grok

Attributes of “you will be assimilated” Social Justice Warriors that can’t just leave well alone.

It’s like they feel they’re on a mission from God.  Oh wait, they don’t believe in God, do they?  OK, in their own minds, they ARE their own god.

We make sport of Social Justice Warriors all the time because, well, they make themselves easy targets.  The problem is that they act in the typical Collectivist fashion – tick them off and they don’t just attack back but at the slightest slight, pre-determine that you must be destroyed.  We’ve seen it, experienced it, and written about.  They are the equivalent (yep, I’m about to break Godwin’s Law) of Societal Nazis – no dissent allowed, no apology accepted, and anything other than complete acceptance of their view is heresy.

The Right Geek has an interesting take between “Leftists” and SJWs and it is WAY more than just degree or intensity:

So what makes an SJW? What’s the difference, for me, between standard leftists and those I believe are clear and present dangers to me and mine? Quite simply, monstrous leftists do the following:

  • They deny that truth is objective and universally accessible. They tell me, for example, that I can’t discuss race relations in the U.S. because I’m white — or that I can’t discuss the transgender issue because I’m “cis.”…
  • They don’t respect boundaries. They block traffic, destroy property, harass and intimidate opponents…
  • They’re censors.
  • They magnify offense — and then respond with no sense of proportion.  Unintentionally insensitive remarks or actions cannot be socially engineered out of existence…

  • They think they should be able to break normal rules with impunity. They think, for example, that they can park illegally and then scream “racist!” when someone not of their skin color calls them out on it…
  • They play games with definitions to worm their way out of charges of hypocrisy. Bigots with social power do more damage than bigots without that power…

Sidenote: I’ve said this for years – the Left is ALWAYS redefining our common language, not for clarity or ease of understanding but for mere ideological purposes. Or to use as a real life political cudgel – using illegitimate words and ideas to physically have you punished.

  • They purposely misconstrue what people say and assign malign motives where none exist…SJW’s understand what we’re saying; they simply call us -ist and -phobic because it’s easier than actually answering our arguments. They’re intellectually lazy, not dumb.
  • They congratulate or blame people for things they can’t control. Nobody chooses to be born white, male, straight, or cis…but SJW’s want to upend this idea;
  • They seek equal outcomes, not equal opportunity.

They see all of Society as one big Quota System – and they will kick and scream until each and every special interest Identity Group is properly represented – as a minimum.  If they displace their evil opposition, so much the better. Note that if

And then there is this – their absolute worst attribute:

  • Overall, they’re joyless, vengeful, and nasty people. They spend their every waking minute, it seems, trying to destroy people who offend them. They comb through old social media posts looking for dirt — and when they can’t find what they want, they straight up lie. They insist on hectoring people about their politics at all times and in all places, turning apolitical activities that could bring us all together into additional cultural battlefields. They refuse to let us escape and just enjoy our lives for bloody once because they have convinced themselves, beyond all reason, that they – or their mascots – are in imminent danger of persecution and even genocide and that, consequently, their exquisite concerns should be the center of our focus 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. No: we are not in that place. I’m no big fan of Trump, but he’s not Hitler; he’s not even in the same galaxy as the Fuhrer, and the more you scream, wild-eyed, that we’re all going to die, the more I’m going to tune you out.

Just tune you out?  I know people that have gone full Trump BECAUSE these worthless busybodies, these jr. high hall monitors on both steroids and meth, feel they have the RIGHT to tell the rest of us how to live our lives.  And, unfortunately, they are winning and winning for one reason – not enough of us who just want to be left alone refuse to tell them “Up YOURS!” and then put that rather special gleam into your eye that tells them “Feeling lucky, punk”?

If you really want to “Grok in fullness” of those 10 definitions-in-part, go on over to the link where Right Geek adds a lot more explanation of each of those.