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Who IS Joshua Query – Democrat Candidate Running in Manchester Ward 9?

Joshua Query is a Democrat candidate running in Manchester’s 9th Ward for state representative.

But who is Joshua Query? His actual last name is or was Fletcher but he won’t respond to questions about why he changed it or if he legally changed it. It’s a valid question from voters.

It’s interesting Query suddenly wants to represent Manchester voters since he doesn’t seem to have been involved in anything political before and has a very, very narrow political ideology – he is of the extreme far left and was even endorsed by Barack Obama:

He is also on the board of an organization that calls anyone who disagrees with their extreme left-wing ideology – ‘homophobes.’ Kind of like when people who disagreed with Obama on his policies were called ‘racists’ for 8 years:

Democrats such as these have also continually stalked, harassed and lied about current State Representative Victoria Sullivan, who has done an excellent job of representing Ward 9:

This election cycle has been especially nasty with NH Democrats chairman Ray Buckley constantly attacking me on social media. Under his “leadership” and encouragement his followers make sport of spreading lies, while blocking my access to these lies, so that I cannot defend myself. These attacks include statements that I am an anti-semite, a bigot, a homophobe, a racist, a female misogynist, and a shill for the male republicans.

Just this morning, I was alerted to the fact that the organization for which my opponent, Joshua Query is a vice chair, took to twitter to continue these attacks.

It has been my honor to serve my community. I have worked closely with members of all parties, to get good bills passed into law for the citizens of New Hampshire. I will never cower to lies and attacks. These people will not dampen my spirit or my desire to serve you, my constituents. I ask that you reach out to me, personally, if you have any questions about my voting record, my views on policy, or to answer any questions that you may have.

Query was previously a ceramics student at the New Hampshire Institute of Art. He made a video talking about it that was posted on youtube.

As Fletcher, Joshua posted this fun photo that is apparently his ‘art’:


A voter in Manchester Ward 9 created this video of why he believes Query is wrong for NH:



There seems to be a trend in the NH Democrat Party that extreme left-wing candidates are being supported and pushed with big out-of-state $$. There seem to be very few moderate, reasonable Democrats left in NH. Since the extreme left has taken over the Democrat Party, it appears their tent has shrunk and there is no longer any room for those who don’t agree with their very narrow ideological beliefs.

How do extreme left-wing Democrats like Query expect to represent a district that is made up of a variety of constituents with differing beliefs?