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Something Missing Up In Concord…

by Bill Harmon

Newcomer Candidate Jim Kelly is running for State Representative in Hollis (Hillsborough 27). He is a physician, now semi-retired.

Jim’s son came to him in 2010 while attending West Point and told him – the Army needs Doctors. Jim was Commissioned in the US Army in Aug, 2010, and is a Lt. Colonel. He was deployed to Afghanistan in 2012 in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, and the UAE in 2015 in support of Operation Spartan Shield. He is now the Deputy Commander for Clinical Services in the NHANG.

This summer, Jim was given a mission.  It came down from the National Guard Bureau that NH needed to improve their medical readiness to above 90%. They were ranked 38th in the country at the time. Just this month it was announced that they are now at 94%, and number 1 in the nation.  That was the mission, and under Jim’s leadership – it was accomplished. And in short time.

It doesn’t stop there why this man would be such an asset in Concord. There are currently NO doctors in the 400 member NH House of Representatives.

Jim Kelly sees things from an experienced, knowledgeable perspective- a point of view that is critically important for what will be before lawmakers in the coming months and years. Things which will directly effect all citizens of NH.  He has a record of service that all citizens can trust. As a doctor, as a soldier- he serves all Americans- equally, and with pride. And is not someone who thinks in terms of party lines.

For the past few months I’ve witnessed Jim campaign across our district on his ‘solutions based approach’. Jim offers a refreshing, commonsense way of addressing wide-ranging matters brought up to him. He uses intellect, knowledge and experience to detail out real solutions; and then the way those can become reality – to the benefit of all the people who will be affected.

That is the kind of disciplined approach needed as our state continues to address a spectrum of large issues critical to the citizenry. Many of these complex challenges fall under the heading of health and human services (health care laws, the opioid crisis, the border crisis, and immigration).

If you are a citizen of Hollis, cast your vote for Jim Kelly this Tuesday – not only for Hollis, but for New Hampshire. Jim is a mission-oriented ‘do-er’. His voice and input is needed in Concord. He has proven his level of commitment to serving all citizens — in our community as a lifelong physician, to the country as an Army soldier, and I hope on Nov. 6 – as our Representative in Concord.

Thank  you,

Bill Harmon, Hollis