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NH 2018 Election Results


As I had posted earlier, I wasn’t able to keep running totals going here in Grok 3.0.  So, as final results come in, I’ll try to put them up (depending on the finishing times).

NH Governor: Chris Sununu (Molly Kelly conceded)
NH Executive Council: as of 11:30, it looks like this will go to the Dems, 4-1 (looks like Joe Kenney, Ted Gatsas and Dave Wheeler will lose)
NH State Senate: 12 of 11:30, the Senate flips to the Dems (13 – 11)
NH House: dunno but WMUR is saying it will also flip to the Dems.
US Congress CD-1: Eddie Edwards (R) just conceded to Chris Pappas (D)
US Congress CD-2: Annie Kuster (D) beat Steve Negron (R)

2006 has returned with the exception of the Oval Office.

At this time (11:30pm), it looks like the US House will be run by the Dems (they’ve picked up 18 seats – they need 23 to take control) while in the US Senate, the Republicans will be picking up at least three seats to maintain control.