Merrimack: Massive. Early. Turnout! - Granite Grok

Merrimack: Massive. Early. Turnout!

Vote voter

I just got back from voting. Long lines of cars. Lots of people voting. An impressive display of civic duty.

And that’s at one of three polling places in my town.

To the town’s credit, once you got parked and to the polls, things went smoothly. Even with the crowd things moved along and I was in and out in short order.

It reminded me of the 2012 Presidential election. That year they tried something new. One polling station at the High School. Merrimack broke a record for voters appearing at one poll in one election. It took an hour to park and less than ten minutes to vote. (We don’t do that “one polling station thing” anymore.)

Three polling locations this year. And I’m betting the traffic was high at all three.

Exit question: what does it mean?

Democrat ‘enthusiasm’ is visibly high and the ‘experts’ think the Left will walk away with majorities. So, it smells a bit like 2016.

We’ll know soon enough.