Jon Morgan Calls Questioning His Eligibility for NH Senate, Based on HIS Own Words, a ‘smear’

Earlier, I posted an article that it appears as if Jon Morgan, Democrat running for New Hampshire Senate in District 23, is ineligible to actually run for the seat.

The Morgan campaign responded and called it a ‘dishonest attack’ and a smear campaign (for the record, Bill Gannon has NOTHING to do with any investigation into Morgan):

Let’s put an end to yet another dishonest attack from Jon’s opponent and his allies. 

These last-minute smears are a desperate attempt to distract voters because they know their backs are against the wall. The people of District 23 are too smart for that.

Here’s Jon’s certificate of registration which shows he registered in Brentwood more than 7 years ago.

He then adds a document that claims he registered to vote in Brentwood in September of 2011:

Funny thing, it was Morgan’s own words that even caused anyone to question his eligibility. He said during the Brentwood Candidate night that he and his wife moved back to NH 6.5 years ago:


When asked by a fellow Democrat if he was eligible, Morgan called it a “gotcha question” and never actually answered the question. Why? He could have put all questions to rest by simply saying, “we moved here in 2011 and that’s when I registered to vote.”

Instead, he didn’t answer the question which caused even more people to question his eligibility.

His response claiming this is a smear campaign and dishonest attack only opens up MORE questions like why he said 6.5 years and why he didn’t just answer the question about his eligibility in the first place.

The only person who seems to be dishonest in this case is Morgan himself.