"I'm NOT going to be IGNORED!" - Granite Grok

“I’m NOT going to be IGNORED!”

Who would have believed that 31 years after it debuted, a fully-growed Massachusetts cop who runs an alleged pro-firearms organization based in NH would reprise Glenn Close’s role and give voice once more to her homicidal threat?

Those of you who know me know I have repeatedly expressed my personal belief that this “firearms” organization is actually anti-gun and has done more damage to the cause of law-abiding gun owners than those who actually beat the drum of “gun control”.

Whether it was automatically sending the names of veterans seeking counseling to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (amendment to Medicaid Expansion) or seeking to constitutionally undermine and destroy NH’s firearm pre-emption (2018’s HB 1749 which crashed and burned when subjected to light), to working behind the scenes to stop Constitutional Carry, it can be counted on the toss hyperbole to the wind in exchange for donations to its cause.

When an organization would allow – much less encourage – bad things to happen so it can raise money on them in the future, it and it’s “leadership” need to be called out.  When they resort to threats and intimidation to get their way – “We cannot and will not allow candidates to ignore NHFC without negative consequences” – they should be ostracized and allowed to wither on their financial vine.

The time has come, however, for the gloves to finally come off and here’s why: the New Hampshire Firearms Coalition (NHFC), rather than be “ignored“, gave two staunch, reliable 2nd Amendment defenders – Eddie Edwards and Steve Negron – a grade of F for refusing to fill out the NHFC candidate survey.

NHFC awarded Progressive Democrat Ann Kuster, well-known hoplophobe, a “D” and ranked Edwards and Negron on the same level as equally Progressive and hoplophobic Chris Pappas.

Did Kuster fill out the NHFC survey in order to be given that grade or did she refuse? If she refused, why was she given a “D” instead of and “F”? [Asking for a friend].

When asked on what basis NHFC awarded Edwards and Negron these failing grades, the Massachusetts cop who is the president of NHFC replied:

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From: Alan M Rice <arice@nhfc-ontarget.org>
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Thanks for your email.

Mr. Edwards refuses, apparently, on the advice of his so called “consultant” Mike Biundo, to complete and return an NHFC Candidate Survey.

In the past, Biundo has worked for some of the worst anti gun politicians in history, Rudy Giuliani, John Kasich, George Pataki… is it any wonder that he is advising Mr. Edwards to ignore NHFC?

Hence the grade of F (RS) which means:
Indicates a deliberate refusal to accept or respond to survey. Indicates open hostility to the Second Amendment.

Regarding Mr. Negron, he to has refused, on the advice of his consultant, Roger Wilkins to complete our survey.

While Mr. Negron claims support for the Second Amendment, he failed to vote for HB 1749 to stop local gun bans. He claims support, but he has never voted to repeal a gun tax, relax restrictions on sound suppressors or machineguns, similarly he has never voted on interstate concealed carry or a myriad of other federal issues. These issues are very different from those which are considered by the New Hampshire General Court. I have attached blank federal survey for your review.

We cannot and will not allow candidates to ignore NHFC without negative consequences. If they refuse to go on the record and tell us where they stand we are compelled to inform gun owners of this.

In my 30 years of working on Second Amendment issues, I have learned that candidates who refuse to complete a survey, from a known firearms advocacy organization are generally not strong supporters. The real Second Amendment supporters enthusiastically complete and return our survey.

If either of these men lose, it is NOT NHFC that is to blame but rather themselves for listening to consultants who may or may not have their best interests in mind. The consultants merely want to be paid.

I hope this answers your question. Please feel free to contact me again if you need any further information.

Alan M. Rice
New Hampshire Firearms Coalition, Inc.

Oooooooooooh those big mean consultants!  How dare they refuse a Massachusetts cop?

What Rice won’t tell you is just how many NH House and Senate candidates ALSO refused to fill out the NHFC survey.

Did their “consultants” warn them off or did those candidates, too, know that threats and intimidation were the modus operandi of the NHFC and just tossed the survey in the trash.

If you answered “they knew”, you would be correct.