Going along with my previous observations about WMUR – a tilt; Part 2: So “Diversity” really means “Democrat”?

Democrats yammer all day about about diversity this, diversity, there, diversity there…but I’m wondering how “diverse” their voting records will be for all that talk about “diversity”?  Do that really mean diversity in thought?  Diversity in legislation?

No, “Diversity” on the Democrat side is only skin-deep on the outside and mono-thought culture on the inside:

I bring that, partly as a younger person. I’m also a Latino and we could also use some more diversity in the Legislature from that perspective as well.

My question is this: Why?  If you are a Democrat, and you speak like a Democrat, and you vote like a Democrat, what does being a Latino have to do with anything?  What does having others around you look like you have to do with anything if you all act the same in the Democrat mode? From my perch outside of both Parties, it simply devolves to

larger Government, less personal choice, higher taxes, less self-reliance, more regulation, and less freedom and liberty.  It is also a patriarchal and a condescending outlook that screams “We must take care of you, from birth to death, because you can’t do it on your own”. And totally against the idea of the “rugged individualism” that spawned this country in the first place.  Remember (to bring a couple names back from the past), Carol Shea-Porter kept hectoring Frank Guinta during a debate in that she refused to admit that anyone could make it through college without Government help – it was just beyond her comprehension that an Individual could do for themselves.  But again, that’s who Democrats are and how they view you – ALL of you need our help or you’ll never make it.

That’s not the kind of representative that I want for me or my family that views me as being more helpless than capable.  But it is what they are.

But I await him, or any other newly minted Legislator, to inform me how someone looks like gives them a superior outlook and capability rather than what is in their mind.  Until then, all I hear when I hear “Diversity” is “I’m a Democrat”.

Which is not Diverse at all.