Endorsement - Harry Bean for NH House from Meredith / Gilford - Granite Grok

Endorsement – Harry Bean for NH House from Meredith / Gilford

A personal endorsement for Harry Bean for NH House from Gilford / Meredith:

To the Daily Sun,

This Letter is written in support of Harry Bean for the NH House of Representatives to represent the Belknap District 2 residents of Gilford and NH. I served with Harry last year on the Gilford Budget Committee and had many talks about how he sees our town, our State, and our Nation. A quiet man, whose family’s roots in Gilford span back to the 1800s, this veteran is dedicated to this town and to the Principles to which he swore his oath. He understands well the age old issue in politics of needs versus wants having been a long time entrepreneur – he knows how those decisions have affected both his family and those families that his business serves. He knows that “faux” compassion shown by his Democrat opponents, their insistence that “we must invest more” is simply that – just a smooth, silky voiced way to take money away from regular work-a-day families that may be struggling to put food on the table simply so that they can spend it on their “more proper” priorities than what those families would otherwise do.

Common sense – he is that to his core. He understands that New Hampshire’s future is not what Government wants you to be but to be what you decide for yourselves. He won’t, like his Democrat opponents, view and treat you like children that must be led by the hand. Rather, he wants you to have the freedom from Government to make your own utopia happen on your terms and not theirs. In short, as the NH Constitution points out in Article 2: “All men have certain natural, essential, and inherent rights among which are …and, in a word, of seeking and obtaining happiness.” He will labor long and hard to ensure that you have that chance and that choice – your happiness, your way.

It’s only common sense.

Please join me in voting for Harry Bean on November 6!

Skip Murphy