Does the Passage of Question 2 Harpoon Any Future Effort to Pass Marcy’s Law?

An overwhelming majority of New Hampshire voters supported question 2, an amendment to the State Constitution enshrining privacy rights.

“An individual’s right to live free from governmental intrusion in private or personal information is natural, essential, and inherent.”

Another proposed constitutional amendment that did not survive legisaltive scrutiny, thanks to an all-out blitz by activists and the ACLU (which also supported Question 2) attempted to create a victim’s rights amendment to our State constitution. One of the issues with that amendment, known as Marsy’s law, is that it turns everyone even remotely connected to the event or connected to the actual victim into a “victim.” This gives them almost unlimited access to information about actual victims that might – in the context of question 2 – be considered private or personal. See also, (as of Nov 6th, 2018) unconstitutional.

I have not consulted any legislators or lawyers about this but question two’s passage presents an opportunity. Governor Sununu is all on the victim’s rights amendment as were a frightening number of Republicans and Democrats. The money behind the amendment is vast and many lawyers and lobbyists were deployed to spend that money.

They promise to try again.

Has question 2 made that impossible? I think it has.

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