Disagree with Policies of Gay Democrats? BIGOT!!! HOMOPHOBE!!! - Granite Grok

Disagree with Policies of Gay Democrats? BIGOT!!! HOMOPHOBE!!!

For 8 years during Obama’s failed reign as president, anyone who simply disagreed with his policies was called a ‘racist.’

During Hillary Clinton’s failed run for president, anyone who simply disagreed with her policies was called a ‘misogynist.’

Now, the trend appears to be that if you disagree with the regressive policies of gay Democrats, you’re a BIGOT or HOMOPHOBE!!!!!!!!!


Democrats haven’t learned their lesson. They insist on continuing with their outrageous behavior.

Some examples below:

Apparently calling Chris Pappas ‘weak’ for being part of the ‘RESIST’ crowd has something to do with his being gay. Being against his extreme left-wing policies somehow has something to do with his sexual orientation:

Telling the truth about their disgusting treatment of anyone who disagrees, PROVES MY POINT:

Good question from Xander Gibbs. They never responded:

And another Democrat proves my point. To them, it has nothing to do with their policies and everything to do with their sexual orientation even though it’s ONLY THEY who constantly bring it up. If you can’t take the heat on your policies when running for office, maybe you should think twice about running:

It gets even better. After publishing a blog about Joshua Query, Democrat running for state rep in Manchester Ward 9, they once again proved my point:

It’s 2018, is this really how Democrats want to roll? Calling women (or ANYONE) who disagree with the policies of Democrats, bigots, if that Democrat happens to be gay?

I mean, they’ve literally been harassing and stalking Victoria Sullivan, should she scream MISOGYNY??!?!?!?!?!

They even tried to shame NH Log Cabin founder Doug Palardy because *gasp* Sullivan didn’t support the trans bill:

It doesn’t matter to them that there are Lesbians who also don’t support it – but apparently ‘eating their own’ is perfectly fine.

Once again, Democrats prove they are the party of derisiveness, divisiveness, vitriol, hate and intolerance.

Remember that on November 6th.