Delivered Every Day Thanks to "Free Speech," (While it Lasts) - Granite Grok

Delivered Every Day Thanks to “Free Speech,” (While it Lasts)

Free Speech - speech suppression

Granitegrok was accused, earlier today, of being (for the sake of brevity) Republican Party bitches. Anyone who has spent any amount of time here, even just this past legisaltive session, will know how absurd the notion.

We waged major offensives against several efforts led by Republicans that advanced, in our opinion, Democrat priorities. Marcy’s Law. Authorizing tax carve-outs for certain private business ventures. Everything having to do with Bradley-Care (Medicaid Expansion). The Medical Family Leave income tax scheme. There are actually so many instances I won’t remember them all (just from 2018).

It’s been that way for the past 12 years and is no danger of changing.

And we do this despite the blowback, and there is always blowback.

Individuals acting (or so they thought) in the interest of the GOP or NHGOP have come after us. Some in a less than open and forthright manner. Our response to that has always been the same. Double down.

Search Jennifer Horn, Jeb Bradley, Chris Sununu, RINO of the Week, or just RINO.

We’ve taken Republicans out of contention or out of politics altogether in races at every level of government.

We’re in this for the principles.

And whether Republicans retain offices or majorities come tomorrow morning, or they don’t we’ll treat the principles the same. We’ll treat those folks no differently when they embrace and advance policies that in our opinion violate the New Hampshire Constitution, U.S. Constitution, Republican Party Platform, individual rights or personal liberty.

Yes, we reserve the right to suck it up and support some of those less than stellar ‘Republicans’ when doing so is begrudgingly for the greater good. The 2018 mid-terms are just such an exception. The Left has taken its mob-tactics and intimidation to such a level that it is imperative that they not – wherever possible – hold a majority in any elected body. Preferably any elected office.

That doesn’t absolve them (Republican or not) of the same scrutiny we apply to all elected officials the moment they win a race or swear an oath of office or just open up in the public arena.

You speak, we speak, we all speak cuz Free Speech. Free Speech matters. A lot. While it lasts.

Republicans have a better record on the issue than the Democrats, but they are not immune to the pressure to appear to be doing things that – in the long game – will infringe on speech.

We’ve fought campaign finance reform bills in New Hampshire, proposed by Republicans, that infringe on speech.

More recently, our opposition to the legislative ban on conversion therapy was about free speech. The ban, whose veto was overridden with the help of Republicans, infringes on free speech, free association, and prohibits individuals from legally seeking treatments of their own free will. If you are among the few and far between who have gender dysphoria in New Hampshire and want your biological sex to be your “gender,” you’ll have to leave the state for treatment.

The state could have addressed the issue of forced conversion therapy without the ban. They chose the ban. Democrats wanted it. Republicans helped. We didn’t forget.

New Hampshire has a Human Rights Commission. These are entities that accumulate power that ultimately infringes on speech and liberty. It needs to go away, but it’s still there.

Governor Sununu created a diversity council that thinks New Hampshire might be too white and that they should figure out how to fix that. We didn’t forget.

On the proactive side of that debate, some of us invested significant time and effort to primary Republicans who supported these things. We won some and lost some.

Some of us invested significant time and effort to target Republican-leaning districts with elected Democrats who supported those things. We recruited and trained good candidates to take those seats back.

We’ll win some and we’ll lose some. But we’ll keep applying pressure, always based on principle before party.

Tomorrow we return to the regularly scheduled “programming.”

No one gets a pass, even if we voted for them. Ever.

Speaking of programming, if you’ve not had the opportunity, you should make time to watch this.

It is just over 90 minutes so if you aren’t into binge-watching a free speech forum, even one lead by Mark Steyn, do yourself the favor of watching it in bits till you get through it all.

Here’s one short snippet from the panel discussion on the Steyn-Cruise.

Words on a piece of paper do not enforce themselves. They don’t interpret themselves. They don’t apply themselves to individual sets of circumstances. People do that. So, you kind of get to a point where you are thinking about this kind of stuff and it seems like, your feeling great because you have a first or a second or whatever amendment. A bill or charter of rights or freedoms. It can easily become this kind of false comfort.

It’s words on a piece of paper somewhere but on the ground, how things are really playing out, there are a million ways to curtail or abolish those rights. – Tal Bachman – Mark Steyn Show Free Speech Forum