Decolonizing Thanksgiving: A Toolkit for Combatting Racism in Schools.” - Granite Grok

Decolonizing Thanksgiving: A Toolkit for Combatting Racism in Schools.”


Liberals have been wrecking Thanksgiving for years. In the past, it’s been the DCCC annual ruin Thanksgiving guide/talking points. Your racist, sexist, relatives will spout lies comrades (Lies I tell You!) and here’s what you need to know to set everyone in hearing-distance straight (like ideological conversion therapy). Because that’s how you get invited back next year. Everyone will be thankful for your hysterical ranting thoughtful rebuttals.

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This time around we’ve got something different. Thanksgiving is a #NationalDayofMourning. We need to #DecolonizeThanksgiving. To help us with that is, yes, a Social Justice Feminist Professor, how did you know?

“Stereotypical and racist portrayals of Native peoples fill U.S. elementary schools each November as students encounter historically-inaccurate portrayals of Native peoples in arts & crafts, books, and lessons about a shared Thanksgiving meal, and songs and plays with hand-crafted headdresses and vests,” and  “these activities are problematic, because they depict Native peoples in an ahistorical way and perpetuate myths about colonial encounters.”

So, this is a lot like debunking Liz Warren?

Wieck says her toolkit also provides educators with access to a number of study guides and lesson plans that discuss Thanksgiving through “an anti-racist and racial justice lens.” These resources are found within “A Racial Justice Guide to Thanksgiving for Educators and Families,” a document compiled by the Center for Racial Justice in Education, formerly known as Border Crossers.

No word on when we’ll get the toolkit to address the way Social Justice Feminist Professors perpetuate myths to justify their curriculums. Their degree programs. The ridiculously high salaries (which is to say any salary) that pays someone to pass this rubbish off as anything but ideological reprogramming to advance a one-party progressive political future.

Massachusetts College Shares it then Denounces It

McQuade Library at Merrimack College in North Andover, MA shared links to the “materials” above in a tweet. But the College says, sorry, no. That is not representative of our values.

The post “in no way represents the ethos of faith, family and freedom for which the college stands, nor our genuine appreciation for this most American of holidays,” Merrimack Associate Vice President of Communications and Marketing Jim Chiavelli told Campus Reform, referring to a version of the above Facebook post that was also posted on Twitter.

“#NationalDayofMourning” is absolutely not a hashtag or mentality the college endorses,” Chiavelli said, indicating that the Twitter post was an “inappropriate use of the account by a student worker” and that he had it deleted.

Those crazy student workers.

You know. If I ran a college and some student worker shared that I’d be very interested to know where they learned about it. Or, why they thought it was not just important enough to share but that they should share it on a college twitter feed.

Before it happens again.

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Campus reform screen grab - Tweet Merrimack College