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Annie Kuster Admits Obamacare is a Failure

Ann Kuster

New Hampshire Congresswoman Annie Kuster was interviewed last week by NHPR.  The first question she was asked was:

Health insurance is getting more expensive. More employer plans now have deductibles, which on average are growing. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, premiums are rising three times faster than inflation and twice as fast as wages. What would you do in Congress to help bring the cost of health insurance down?

This, my friends, is absolutely depressing.

And it’s interesting to note that the typically left-leaning NPR host went right to the ugly side of the equation; no softening, no hesitation.  This tells you how bad the situation is.

Her answer was, to say the least, revealing and perhaps even more depressing:

I’ve voted 53 times not to repeal the Affordable Care Act because I care a lot about people having coverage and particularly having coverage for pre-existing conditions. But what we do need to do is fix it and I’ve got a plan that I’ve been working on with members of Congress to bring forward that would stabilize these insurance markets and would increase access, particularly for small businesses here in New Hampshire. 90 percent of our jobs are small businesses and it can be expensive to offer health insurance. 

Essentially, Kuster admits that Obamacare is broken.  And she’s “got a plan”.  It’s more like she has a big hammer and everything she sees is a nail.  Let me remind you that before she got elected to Congress, Kuster was a professional lobbyist.  If you don’t realize that her “plan” will benefit her pals in industry and government, think again.

Are other Democrats on the same sheet of music?

Many of us never believed it when Democrats promised that our premiums would shrink and that Health Care would become more accessible.  But the interviewer wastes no time highlighting the fact that premiums are out of control and increased deductibles are making a bad situation worse  (I’ve personally measured an 8% premium increase in my plan year-over-year and my deductibles have soared from $800 to $4000 since Obamacare was passed).  I’d say this is a bit of a reduction in the “accessibility” to and “affordability” of Healthcare.

But, if you are Leftist, this is exactly what you want, isn’t it?  I mean, the only way to get the average person to fall for the “single payer” (Marxist) model/trap is to squeeze them until they cry “uncle”, deperately begging the government (who created the mess) to fix the problem.

It’s sad that we have a robust capitalist system with plenty of examples showing how a transparent, competitive, open marketplace can bring a product’s quality up and its price down – phones, televisions, computers, autos and auto insurance have all experienced some (varying) form of this.  But, for some reason, we can’t seem to put our Health Insurance and Healthcare into the same model, where providers fight for our precious business, advertise prices and offer incentives to use their services.

This feels like the syndrome where people won’t dare question anything a doctor says – right or wrong, they are always right – and we certainly CAN’T challenge the medical system, can we?

Healthcare has something in common with the business of Colleges and Universities – government’s finger on the scale.  With Healthcare, the administrative and legal overhead of providing medical services, coupled with Medicare price setting has driven costs up, passed on to us.  And college, with the Federal Student Loan program unnaturally flooding the marketplace with easy money, has done the same.  Both marketplaces are anything but natural.

So what “plan” does Annie Kuster have to “fix” Obamacare, effectively “stabilizing the system”?  She’s not talking but I can only imagine it involves adding more gadgets and devices to the Rube Goldberg contraption that Democrats created in 2009 (when Kuster was a lobbyist).

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Healthcare and insurance costs are going to continue to climb and Kuster has NO solution other than tightening the government’s grip on the industry until she and her fellow Leftists nationalize all current providers, setting up a single payer system that we have to swallow.

That’s not what America is about.  That’s now how this country was built and grew to become the success it is today.  No, government control is how the Soviet Union grew and eventually collapsed under its own weight.

If you want this all to stop – reject Annie Kuster and her fellow misguided Leftists when you vote November 6th.  It’s really that simple.