Going along with my previous observations about WMUR – a tilt?

On yesterday’s WMUR News9 at 5pm, they ran a piece on the new legislators, newly elected on November 6th, as they were going through their 3 day State House orientation:

Like the political junkie I am, I watched it…and went “wait…what?”  Diversity? Methinks WMUR’s Adam Sexton went tilt on “diversity”.

I went back and watched it again.  And a third time and this time with my virtual stopwatch:

  • Israel Peidra (D) 14 seconds
  • Gerri Cannon (D) 14 seconds
  • Dennis Acton (R) 19 seconds
  • Nancy Murphy (D) 15 seconds

3 to 1? 19 out of 62 seconds? Look, it was just a short 2:24 long piece so some might say “Skip, c’mon – it’s only a few seconds!”.  Sure, but it does seem to be, anecdotally, a further indication when I think back over the recent history.  Yes, more Ds got elected than Rs, but not by a 75% to 25% percentage, right?