The Professional Left Dumps White Women Because they are Racist and Sexist - Granite Grok

The Professional Left Dumps White Women Because they are Racist and Sexist


The only scared things on the left are politics and power, and I’ll keep saying it until you see it for yourselves because it’s true. Nothing you are, do, or says makes you “special” to the Left if you aren’t dragging their political baggage everywhere you go, all the time, forever.

The latest evidence of this is an op-ed from atop the lofty spires of ideological intellectual leftism in which white women are to blame for the Kavanaugh Nomination.

Ben Shapiro. Fisking a New York Times Op-Ed by Alexis Grenell writes,

These women are gender traitors, to borrow a term from the dystopian TV series “The Handmaid’s Tale.” They’ve made standing by the patriarchy a full-time job. The women who support them show up at the Capitol wearing “Women for Kavanaugh” T-shirts, but also probably tell their daughters to put on less revealing clothes when they go out.

Ben Shapiro adds that,

She goes on to suggest that white women “put their racial privilege ahead of their second-class gender status” if they vote Republican – because all women must think like Grenell. Never mind that women are individual human beings – a proposition which was, at one point, the centerpiece of the feminist movement. No, they are merely widgets to be used in the battle against the so-called patriarchy.

That’s because, to quote the Gender Writer (and yes, that’s actually a thing),

“…white women benefit from patriarchy by trading on their whiteness to monopolize resources for mutual gain. In return they’re placed on a pedestal to be “cherished and revered,” as Speaker Paul D. Ryan has said about women, but all the while denied basic rights…[I]t seems that white women are expected to support the patriarchy by marrying within their racial group, reproducing whiteness and even minimizing violence against their own bodies.”

White women who don’t agree with Alexis Grenell are racist, sexist tools of sexist, racist white men. They can’t have their own opinion. And if it differs from Grenell’s they should what, remain silent? How is that not sexist? 

At the same time, Grenell does not see herself as a tool of the left wielding narratives that deny people freedom by abrogating due process, chains of evidence, and the rule of law.

Liberty for anyone, no matter how obsessed you are with labels, begins with equality under the law. Due process equally applied. Reliance on evidence over hear-say, speculation, or (dare I say) hyperbolic rantings from Gender Writers at the New York Times.

No free society can exist without these things, even when our politics don’t agree with the outcome. But that rusty little dinghy has sailed for the likes of Alexis Grenell. Results, achived by whatever means, are the only things with any meaning. Mob rule – her mob – or nothing else.

That’s why we hear calls from the left to end the electoral college a device that prevents a handful of densely populated liberal cities from deciding who wins the office of the Presidency. The electoral college prevents mob rule.

It is why we hear calls from the left to rethink why some states have two US Senators when they don’t deserve them. They don’t deserve them because they either won’t vote the way the Left would like and they refuse to be intimidated by mob rule.

And then there are the courts, the highest of which is the problem du jour. When you can’t legislate it you find a way to get a favorable court to create law for you. The Supreme Court used to reliably carry the left’s water. And while Brett Kavanaugh, during his time on the same court as that scion of judicial decision-making Merrick Garland agreed with Garland 93% of the time, Kavanaugh is not the left’s cup of tea. He has an annoying habit of judging the law based on the law not on his own opinion of what the law ought to be.

That won’t work for Grenell and her mob. But elections matter and they keep losing them.

Sure, losing sucks but have you considered why? Your entree is unappealing and the presentation sucks. 

The Left’s response to this rejection is anger and hatred. They call you names. Make a scene. Label you as a racist, sexist, bigoted, white supremacist. And the only reason we even know this is because a major portion of the media presence in America gives them a platform to advertise their hatred for you and your petty obsession with individual rights and personal liberties.

And this is a good thing because most people just want to be left alone. But the left has no intention of leaving you alone. Ever. And they will never stop trying to take your money to pay to insert themselves and their policies into your lives or their words into your mouth.

Your only defense is to use the secret ballot, your right to vote, to systematically remove them from power every chance you get. But you have to use it. 

November is Coming. Elections matter. No skipping even one.

Send a message to the left that you’d rather they just leave you alone by voting Republican this November.

Women are not sexist for supporting due process. They are not abandoning the sisterhood for defending husbands, boyfriends, uncles, sons, and brothers from unsubstantiated assaults on their characters and their families without evidence.

American women are the freest women on the planet. New Age militant feminists like Alexis Grenell and her left-wing culture-war mob want to take that away.

Don’t let them.