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Seven Reasons Why You Should Vote for Eddie Edwards


With Election Day just two weeks away, the political races are heating up. In Congressional district 1, we have what I believe is one of the best candidates we have seen in many years, and that candidate is Eddie Edwards.

Here are seven reasons why you should vote for Eddie Edwards on November 6th.

Law Enforcement

Eddie has spent his entire life serving his community through law enforcement. His commitment to not only supporting the rule of law, but standing strong for those who have been subject to attacks, whether they were verbal or physical. Eddie knows exactly what our officers face on a daily basis and will support them when they are right, and hold them accountable when they are wrong, not just legislatively, but having the national platform as a Congressman to speak to the issue itself.

Fiscal Responsibility

Within the rising popularity of socialized healthcare and continued spending, we need someone in DC who understands how bureaucracy works. That knowledge is needed to understand how to dismantle bureaucracy and decentralize the overgrown government we have today. Eddie will make sure our spending will not exceed monies acquired through taxation. I think when it comes to responsibly handling money, it is important to have someone representing New Hampshire’s first Congressional district who won’t tolerate the socialist policies that Washington DC seems all too eager to set in stone.

Second Amendment

The fact is, Democrats have gone after our guns for years. They continue to do so, proudly, with the heated debate over gun control. New Hampshire is one of the most pro-gun states in the nation. The legislature passed constitutional carry in 2017, which I had the honor of voting for in the House. Make no mistake, Eddie is a firm believer in the second amendment. We need a strong second amendment supporter in Washington who will firmly and courageously defend our right to bear arms. If you are as passionate as I am about protecting your right to self-defense and your firearms, you need to vote for Eddie Edwards, because his opponent surely will not support it at all.

No Fear

This may seem like a very peculiar reason to vote for someone, but hear me out. Just a couple of months ago, Eddie was asked to sign a pledge that he felt violated his principles, in order to participate in the debate.

Just last week Eddie also appeared on CNN in an interview with Van Jones. I don’t know about you, but that takes serious courage to me. Eddie put himself on a very politically left network to talk about his views and his solutions to the challenges facing our state. He did so with candor and respect. He kept the message positive and kept his message clear. We need representation in Washington with the willingness to stand in the face of absolute opposition. We need someone who will do it with civility and honor, while defending the values of New Hampshire. Eddie Edwards has demonstrated exactly how he will do that.

Faith & Family

With faith and family being the foundation of every nation and that being what defines our culture, New Hampshire’s CD-1 must have someone representing us in Washington who values the structure of the family and is passionate about defending religious liberty and the right to consciousness. With Eddie’s upbringing in a home that highly valued faith, he was provided with a strong moral foundation. That is something we are missing in our nation, culturally and legislatively. And no, I’m not talking about legislating morality; I’m talking about making the right decision, no matter the cost. I believe this characteristic in Eddie’s life is paramount and will lay out the path for him to be the exact representation we need in Washington.

Eddie’s compassion and understanding for the family is also a very important quality to strengthen his ability to make the right decisions for NH families in DC. From welfare to the sanctity of life, Eddie has the moral foundation and knowledge to stand tall for us all.

Sanctity of life

The first unalienable right listed in the Declaration of Independence. Without life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness cannot exist and mean nothing. Having spent time with Eddie while talking with voters in Merrimack, I have seen the passion in his eyes and I have heard the heartfelt fire in his soul in defense of life, especially with people who did not view life as valuable as Eddie does. The pro-life movement is also growing very quickly. More and more people are beginning to realize that life begins at conception and should be valued. We need someone in Washington who will stand for life and recognize every human has a right to life.

Understands the vision of the Founding Fathers

This is one extremely important aspect to representation that I believe has been entirely shoveled into the dump. I had the chance to sit down with Eddie several months ago to discuss the view our founders had in mind and what they believed. As I asked Eddie questions, he not only answered my questions, but he elaborated on them. He went into detail, explaining what I had hoped he knew about what our founders intended the Constitution to mean and what it was intended for. I can assure you, Eddie understands that the Constitution binds the federal government into a very strict role, even though it does not currently operate that way. And that is the very reason why we need to send Eddie Edwards to Washington; to help reign in the unconstitutional authority we have allowed the federal government to acquire.

If you want to maintain what liberty we have left and restore what we have lost, please join me in support Eddie Edwards for Congress on November 6th!