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Nicole Fortune: Who will stand with me – for the Veterans?

VA Veterans Administration

by Nicole Fortune

I learned today that Veteran’s Choice Program, a program that permits Veterans to seek civilian medical and dental care at the expense of the Department of Veteran Affairs has failed to pay these bills for so long that the Veteran patient is being turned over to collection agencies by the civilian facilities that signed contracts agreeing to seek payment from VA.

The result is that these Veterans are being chased by creditors and their credit scores are being adversely affected and credit scores affect everything.

I have also learned that this is such a prevalent problem that tax dollars have now gone to pay for the Veteran’s Community Program (1-877-881-7618), which is designed to help Veteran’s clear their wrongly applied adverse credit rating and to help the Veteran’s Choice Program pay off the monies due to these collection agencies.

So, the same agency that created the problem is now getting more money to try to resolve it.

While, I am willing to discuss this in more detail with anyone who wishes to listen and propagate a solution, and I would really like to find out how many NH Veterans have been adversely affected, mostly I want to do something about this and am looking for assistance.

By assistance, I mean, I want everyone to share this post.

I want every Veteran who has been thusly affected to message me.

I want Representatives and Senators to know we need to remedy this.

I want the media to cover this.

I want anyone who is willing to assist me in this matter to message me.

These medical and dental facilities are signing contracts stating they will seek payment from the VA, yet the Veterans are getting billed, sought out by debt collectors and having their credit rating adversely affected and I have ideas, but no solid answers about how this is happening.

Who will stand with me – for the Veterans?