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NH Democrat Rep Sherry Frost – Irked By Pledge of Allegiance ‘Every Time.’


A sitting New Hampshire House Rep tweeted, regarding the Pledge of Allegiance, that the “Liberty and Justice for All’ line irks her every time. Would it work better for you if we put the word ‘Social’ before Justice?

We’d have to take out the ‘liberty’ and ‘for all’ parts because social justice is for a select few who agree to toe a very narrow set of double-standards across the nation, without God, truly divisible, no matter what the inclusive excellence dogma may advertise.

It’s their way or the highway and violence and intimidation are always an option.

Sherry’s not keen on her “schools” Red White and Blue Day” either.

Sherry Frost irked by pledge

My first thought is why are High School Students permitted to say ‘f*ck yeah’ “anything” on campus, but I could see why Frost would excuse it. The F word is a common occurrence in her twitter discourse where she’s known for being divisible and not inclusive.

That’s fine. I’m a fan of free speech and Democrats who publicly shame themselves on social media, so you won’t see me ask her to stop.

We appreciate the honesty. It’s very refreshing.

And good for blogging.

H/T Susan Olsen


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